Metaworld is the first metaverse project and fully driven by the community. $MW is the governance token of the Metaworld. Buy, sell and trade maps, skins and mods int the Metaworld system. The future is infinite.

A Virtual Space

Virtual space is a space similar to our real space. You can do many things in real space, in virtual space you can also do a lot of things similarly. The degree of freedom here is very high. Only your own imagination is the limit.

Metaworld Token

Metaworld tokens are the investment tool to purchase maps, skins and mods in Metaworld, which will simulate a world where imagination and creativity can be played.

What is Metaworld?

Metaworld is a project that uses blockchain and decentralized technology to build a virtual world so that you can enjoy the fun of creation in it.

Nowadays, people mainly use the Internet to socialize, not just to socialize, but people also transfer their work to the Internet. During the global pandemic, we need the Internet more urgently. The Internet has gradually become a habit of people, even a kind of culture, and has shown an irreversible trend.

Through the use of various computer technologies, we have created an interesting virtual space where people can create and communicate, just like in reality. As close to reality as possible is the eternal goal of Metaworld.

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We are building a more valuable virtual space.

Digital assets have become a new investment method. Compared with traditional assets, digital assets have an exponential value-added space and are attracting more and more people's attention.

In Metaworld, we use MW to buy maps, skins, mods, etc. It is the currency of the virtual world. By holding digital assets in Metaworld, you will get rich returns.

The concept of play-to-earn is becoming more and more popular. People can use their own wisdom in the game to build a variety of buildings and sell them in the market, or continue to advance the game progress and acquire rarer assets to obtain more generous rewards. Games will not only be used as a means of entertainment, but as another way to make money.

In Metaworld, how much you can get in return depends entirely on your own imagination, because it has a very high degree of openness and freedom, and there are no limitations. Unlike ordinary games in the past, Metaworld has no rules and no restrictions. The only limit is yourself. Metaworld is infinite and extremely valuable.

Excellent tokenomics is the key to the success of the project.